Membership Fees

  • Joining Fee (once only) $20
  • Adult (per annum) $60
  • Adult (3 years) $180
  • Juniors and Cubs (per annum) $35
  • Family (per annum) $100

Family membership criteria is:

  • Married/de facto couple with child/children under 16; or
  • Parent with one or more children under 16

New Members & Annual Renewals

  • All HFA members must also be current members of the  national 3DAAA organisation who provide our member insurance cover. Membership Application and Renewals for 3DAAA can be done on their website which can be accessed with the link below:

Join 3DAAA Online

  • Once you have proof of your 3DAAA membership (membership number or receipt number), you can then complete the following club membership application form.